Weekend in Brighton?


Tight Modern, Brighton sea front

It’s not fair when your creations have a better social life than you. While my work is having a great time on Brighton seafront this weekend in the Tight Modern exhibition, I’ll be flat out on the sofa while my body struggles to keep going. Total lack of energy, legs aching and a fuzzy head. No, not the effects of a good night out, but what I have had to deal with for nearly 25 years.
M.E. is a debilitating condition that has totally dictated my life since my 17th birthday. I may have ideas and plans for what I want to do, but when my body says stop, that is what I have to do. I can occasionally push myself to do more, but that just means taking longer to recover. There is no medicine to make it better, just complete rest with no limit on how long it takes. One year I spent 10 weeks without being able to get out of my road.
How do I cope? The answer is that sometimes I don’t, including now. It is so frustrating having things you want and need to do and just not being able to do anything. Having had so long to deal with it doesn’t make it any easier. Who said men don’t cry?

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