Dinner = 4+ Days of depression

How can one evening make me feel so bad? After a dinner with a studio friend on Friday, I’ve had 4 days of feeling really down and lonely. (Don’t worry Natalie, it has nothing to do with you personally!)

During a short respite from home, I didn’t want to spend all the time doing nothing, so I invited a friend to dinner, the first time I’ve entertained someone. A lovely evening of food and chat followed and it showed me how my life could be if circumstances were different. Then slowly, the next day the feeling of euphoria turned into feeling really down at the realisation that this was only a short break and that I would soon be back to ‘normality’ at home.

This feeling has not help me in the studio today as I tried to work on new paintings. I’m trying a small trial to see if a new style will work before starting on a big canvas. I did the drawing but just didn’t have the inclination to do any more. So I came back to my lovely sanctuary by the sea to try to get my head working positively again.

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4 Responses to Dinner = 4+ Days of depression

  1. Tomorrow’s another day – I expect to see you doing cartwheels down the corridoor !!
    Good luck with the painting and good luck with everything else . . .

  2. Jacky Dillon says:

    We all need a Sanctuary sometimes to hide in and regroup thoughts and then press on… but I am sure you will feed this experience into your absolutely brilliant work!! Best wishes J

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