4 Go to Chichester

4 Go to Chichester may sound like something by Enid Blyton or the latest offering from The Comic Strip. However, it is my latest adventure in overcoming my agoraphobic fear of travelling.

As well as having a piece of my work in the Outside In: National exhibition at Pallant House Gallery, I also have a piece in the Tight Modern touring exhibition, whose last stop was also at Pallant House. So just 2 weeks after my first journey to Chichester I wanted to get there again to see this exhibition as well.

So on Saturday 10th November, with Natalie driving and Julie in the back seat, we set off for Chichester. Hold on you’re saying, you said ‘4 Go to Chichester’, who’s the forth one? The other ‘person’ was a Daffy duck glove puppet who has helped me with my panicky moments on previous drives with Natalie. I can’t say it was easy but we got to Chichester in one piece, although Daffy had a bit of concussion and Natalie learnt that I have a few naughty words in my vocabulary!

Da-daaa! I made it. Outside the Tight Modern exhibition.

After picking up our free tickets, perks of being in the exhibition, we had a quick cuppa in their restaurant and then started our tour of the galleries. We began with the Tight Modern exhibition, a small version of the Tate Modern, holding 50 small works by marginalised artists. I hope people have liked mine enough to help me win one of the People’s Choice prizes! Next we looked at the other works in the Outside In: National, the other new exhibitions and their collections in the old part of this amazing gallery.

Next to my piece in the Tight Modern exhibition. I even dressed to match.

With tummies rumbling we searched for some food and on exiting the cafe we bumped into my uncle Peter and Lesley. They were really surprised, and delighted, to see me in Chichester. We couldn’t chat for long as we had to get back to the car before we got a ticket, but I did say that if they were around Portsmouth I would like to go for drives with them to give me more practise.

As before, the drive back was alot easier and I even took photos of the road and sky for Natalie to use in her paintings.

So that was only my 8th trip in a car and 2 of those were to Chichester. I’m slowly getting used to being in a car and the journeys are getting easier. One day soon I’ll get in a car and I’ll be so totally calm that ‘Mr Panic’ inside me will get fed up with nothing to do, clear off and head down to the Job Centre!

My work in Outside In: National behind the reception desk.

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