Little Forest Land Art

Little Forest Land Art was started in early 2017 by ceramicist Jan Griffiths and myself. I met Jan at events at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, when it first opened in the Vulcan Building in Gunwharf Quays. We both attended the first four talks and workshops there and our friendship built.

Jan has a studio overlooking a lovely wild meadow, surrounded by ancient woodland in the Hampshire countryside, north of Fareham. She opens her studio and garden each year for Art in the Garden, and our Land Art project has extend this into the woodland with a path surrounding the meadow. My following works are on this path.

For Art in the Garden 2018 I created these two sculpture.

Clearing (Cubed) 1
is a 1 metre cube made from small branches harvested from around the site constructed to form an open structure. The internal woodland floor is cleared of all foliage.


Clearing (Cubed) 2
is an open structure made of straight branches harvested from around the site. This time the internal space is full of natural woodland flora and a path is formed around the cube.



For Art in the Garden 2019 my main installation is called ‘Crossing the Lines’.
As a teaser here are the materials used to create it!