Other work

Here are my other works that don’t fit in to other categories.

Have I…

This piece is a reaction to a personal relationship.
It is made from a plank of oak, which represents stability. However, it has woodworm along the top edge, which is eating into that stability. The words have been burnt into the wood using a pyrography tool.
(2012, 92 x 31cm, Oak plank, pyrography)

Tree of Fears and Other Thoughts

I first created this piece to be displayed in The Garden @ Art Space. It was away from the road, behind locked gates, so I felt save about the personal messages being on show. It was there for 6 weeks and only one person commented on it. I then felt more confident about showing it publicly and it was exhibited in the ARC Space at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, December 2011 – May 2012. This made me stronger because I found that people were more uncomfortable viewing the work than I was showing it.
(2011, 125 x 210cm, Terracotta pot, buddleia branch, pebbles, plywood, red ribbon, pyrography, red acrylic paint, acrylic varnish)

Synesthesia Test

This was created at the start of my AA2A residency at the University of Portsmouth, before I changed to working on the Emerging Thoughts series.
People with graphemes – colour synesthesia see letters and words as different colours. When I explain my predetermined randomness technique to some people they asked me if I had synesthesia. I do not, but I started to look into the condition and came up with this test piece. People with synesthesia should be able to see the 5’s as one colour and the 2’s as another, allwoing them to see a ‘hidden’ word.
Can you see anything in it? Comment or contact me.
(80 x 30cm, created in Adobe Illustrator, digital print)


A painting that didn’t fit into any other category, the poor little orphan!

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