Target Achieved

Following on from my last blog posting, I got to the interview stage for the job at Aspex Gallery but unfortunately I didn’t get it. However, on returning from the interview I checked my emails and found that my ‘Twist‘ paintings had been chosen for the Outside In: South East exhibition in Hastings. All I had to do was get it there. I asked my mum and she said “Yes, as long as you come with me.”

So on Monday morning we set off for Hastings. With controlled heavy breathing and the odd little panicky moment we got off the island and onto the A27, heading east. Knowing how far we had to travel I was surprised how I coped so well. The scenery helped in the lovely sunny weather. Apart from a few short trips in the last few months I haven’t seen the countryside for 10 years, so the lovely red poppy fields north of Brighton were an amazing sight.

With traffic in our favour we got to Hastings Museum & Art Gallery in under 3 hours. With the painting delivered, a comfort break and some refreshment, what to do with the rest of the day? At the start of the year I had the target of getting to Dungeness and my favourite place, Derek Jarman’s garden. A look at the map and with it only being 25 miles away it seemed a pity not to get there.

Dungeness is such a beautiful place and I really like the desolate landscape on the shingle spit, with the mish-mash of different little shacks. Having said that, I’ve only been twice and both times have been with glorious blue skies in the summer. I don’t know what it will be like in the middle of a winter storm!

Now I’ve completed my target for the year with over 5 months still to go I’ll have to think of another one. Any ideas?

(Sorry there are no photos, I can’t seem to upload any. I’ll put them on my Facebook page.)

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  1. Well done Adrian and thank you for the postcard 🙂

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