My Next Adventure?

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. During this time I have been trying to work out where I go next with my life and my career. I’m slowly getting used to going out in the car, with weekly drives around Portsmouth with a studio friend. It is only a matter of time before I can travel further afield, and together with my growing confidence, that has opened up the possibility of new adventures.

Then, a week ago looking through Facebook, I saw a post from Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, for a Curatorial Fellowship position, funded by Permeate, for somebody disabled or with a long term health condition. As soon as I saw it and read the job description, I thought “I can do this”. My only question that came to me the following day, waking up thinking about it, was “could my body do this?”.

Today I went down to Aspex for one of their open sessions to find out more about the Fellowship. I was the only one to turn up at that time and so for an hour I sat with Clive Caswell, Exhibitions and Gallery Manager at Aspex, who I will be working under should I be successful, who explained what the job entails and outlining the forthcoming exhibitions. I asked the questions I needed and went away thinking “this is the job for me”.

All I need to do is write the perfect application letter and cross my fingers!

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7 Responses to My Next Adventure?

  1. Good luck Adrian ! You should sail through the interview process ! If you need any help – bang on my door after lunch ! C

  2. Jacky Dillon says:

    You are right!! This is the perfect job for you and you are perfect for the job. Good Luck with your application – they would very lucky to get you. Best Wishes Jacky

  3. Tracey Mundy says:

    here’s knowing you could do it with your eyes shut. your perfect for this job. i have everything crossed, and always thinking of you. your big Sis…X

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